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0x10c Facebuilder Tool Demo Released – Video

Eldrone released a teaser demo of the ingame face builder tool to let you change the texture or skin of your character. Download it now!

Why i love the internet. Otellolino from Reddit couldnt resist making a Nicholcas Cage skin

Why i love the internet. Otellolino from Reddit  couldn’t resist making a Nicholcas Cage skin.

How to use it?

Use your mouse to click on one of selectors e.g base, eyes, mouth etc. You can manually click the bar to change each one or use your scroll mouse button. Select the character model with your mouse pointer and spin him around.

Once you like your creation click the down arrow and it will save a file on your computer called “output” in the same location as the facebuilder exe.

output file

Edit this output.png file in Photoshop or a similar editing program. Once edited you need to overwrite the existing output.png file in the same location on your computer.

Head back into the game click the up arrow and it will import your modified face on your character model. Remember when trying to import your face back into the game it needs to be called output and be in .png format.

notch in 0x10c

Notch in 0x10c

Need help setting up the application?

Download the app (facebuilder_test_0.1_win) first and then extract it to your desktop with winrar or a similar tool. To make it easier create a new folder called “0x10c facebuilder” and extract the contents of the downloaded file to it. In the folder you will have a folder called facebuilder_Data and the .exe program called facebuilder. Run the exe program and configure the options if needed then smash play!

Note some gamers have been getting errors or not finding the all the necessary files in the download.

Some cool skins from the community

big green eye guy

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